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Project Faceless


1. Characters: Anyone famous [i.e: band members, scene queens and kings, actors, MySpace famous] can join. Just keep in mind, they aren’t famous in this. Pete Wentz doesn’t own clandestine or play bass in Fall Out Boy, Audrey Kitching isn’t a scene queen, Robert Pattinson isn’t an actor and so on. Original Characters are allowed.

2. Respect: You had better learn it. That means respecting the other players, the mods, and so on. Or I’ll eat your face off like a zombie movie.

3. Relationships: het/slash/femmeslash are welcome. This rule may or may not apply until later on.

4. Pregnancy/Children: Single parents are allowed. Pregnant teens are allowed too, but no mpreg. Guys can be single parents though. There will be NO abortions, stillbirths, or miscarriages.

5. Age limit: The kids have to be between 14 and 18.

6. Hiatus: If you, for any reason, have to take time off, please let me know ahead of time, and I will remember and you will not be cut. Pruning will take place when I find that you have grown stale or died, once or twice a month.

7. Journals/Screen Names: Both of them MUST include your character’s name. So, if you have Alex Evans you can’t have a name like photographyxboy. clickxalex would work though.

8. Disclaimers: Somewhere on your profile you must state that you aren’t the character you are portraying. Or you might have fan girls raping your journal.

9. IC/OOC: Keep them separate. Seriously. Don't hate someone because your character hates them. That's how wars get started. Make cupcakes, not wars.

10. Profession: In the app, you’ll need this: If looks could really kill, then my profession would be staring.

11. Journals: Journals must be updated once a month. If you don't, I'll give you a week or two before I squish you.

12. IC: Please make an attempt to speak to either of the mods’ characters. Since this is a ‘study’, it’s kind of of necessary.


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